Custom Design, Carmel: Wine Cellar, Walk-In Closet and Two Pantries

We delight in enabling our clients to meet their needs and dreams. Sometimes new construction or remodeling is in order, and other times, all that is needed are additions or tweaking to what is already there.

A client in Carmel needed a few specific custom designed items in the home.
The first custom design addition was a wine cellar to store the client’s wine collection.
We created a rustic Tuscan-style wine cellar that matches the architectural style of the home. In the arched sections, walls, and floor, recycled bricks were used. These old bricks are essential to achieving a true rustic design. They are also ideal green building materials, since all these bricks are being repurposed instead of taking up space as discarded waste in a landfill. The shelves are made from restored raw redwood. The center of each arched section uses low-voltage lighting.

We invite you to view pictures from this wine cellar in Carmel. Click on any picture to enlarge.

The client’s second custom design need was a redesigned and enlarged walk-in closet, which maximized space, and provided some storage solutions. Using a mahogany veneer plywood, we installed a shoe rack, tie rack, shelves, and areas for hanging clothes. Creating continuity and a cohesive style within the closet was an imperative part of the client’s design wishes.

We invite you to view pictures from this custom designed walk-in closet in Carmel. Click on any picture to enlarge.

The client also needed a more organized storage solution in the two kitchen pantries. Using a mahogany veneer plywood and poplar paint-grade wood, we installed a custom designed shelving system in the two existing pantries. Pemko automatic door bottoms were installed at the bottom of both pantry doors. These door bottoms completely seal the bottom of the door to the threshold, which helps to keep the pantry clean and dust free.

We invite you to view pictures from these custom designed pantries in Carmel. Click on any picture to enlarge.